nuFace™ NUTEC’s off-the-shelf ,PC based RS274 (G-Code) end user application nuFace™ also available as user specified “custom” PC Graphical User Interface GUI, is our intuitive HMI software which allows users to quickly make their motion applications into easy to use production manufacturing equipment in hours or days instead of weeks and months without the difficulty and learning curve of programming languages or other software methods.

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nuFace Features & Benefits


  • Monitor Position using Realtime Multi-Axis GUI Display
  • Monitor Position Error using Realtime Multi-Axis GUI Display
  • Display Position in Metric, Imperial, or User Units
  • Edit/Cut/Paste/Search/Replace/Save/Download G-Code Text file on-screen using built-in text editor
  • Run, Start or Stop G-Code with one mouse click.
  • Debug G-Code with Single Step feature.
  • Visually Track G-Code Execution Real-Time with built-in line Highlighter
  • Use Serial Port Communications for User Specific Process Control and/or Data/Performance Monitoring
  • Verify Process with Integrated USB CCD Camera Image
  • Adjust Speed using Feedrate Override
  • Stop or Jog to Position Manually Slow/Medium/Fast using GUI Jog Control Palette
  • Operate using Touch Screen Display
  • Monitor Dedicated and Application Specific IO Status on-Screen
  • Setup/Configure System with User preferences
  • User configurable for Operator, Service and Engineering modes
  • Customize Input/Output buttons labels to match peripheral device interface


  •  Use Parts Counter to fabricate mulitple parts form tube stock
  • Monitor Water flow rate in Realtime on GUI Display


Interfacing with a servo controlled motion system is greatly facilitated by this Graphic User Interface (GUI) NUTEC developed nuFace from the ground-up for any type of application which requires convenient control of a dedicated or generic multi-axis machine. A short learning curve, clear graphics, flexibility for customization and ready availability are features of this off-the-shelf GUI.

Benefiting from years of positioning application experience, nuFace was developed to include a host of user interfaces or application windows. Most prominent, is its embedded Text Editor. In conjunction with the Operator Panel, edit or modify your G-Code files for usability. Debug using a single step or even develop your application process using realtime feedrate adjustment.

Use the Jog Control Panel to make simple navigation a quick and easy task. Move at a variety of speeds, in continuous or step mode. Using the Position Window, watch position, velocity or even following error at the touch of a button. All button controls are touch screen enabled for the most natural Man Machine Interface (MMI.) There is even an on screen touch screen keyboard!

nuFace CMS add special features for Cylindrical Micromaching System. Automate parts manufacture using the nuFace CMS Parts Counter. For wet applications, monitor Water flow rates in realtime.

Customize nuFace IO by naming buttons to reflect your specific IO needs. Add your own text such as “Laser,” “Water,” “Gas,” ”EMO,” or whatever you dream up. Even the end-user can modify nuFace so it is most easy to use.

nuFace makes motion control a modern and convenient experience, even in the most demanding production environments.

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