The Q-Max precision positioning stage series from NUTEC developed for maximum stiffness and high resolution. A short stroke translation stage capable of precise positioning in either vertical or horizontal orientations, while maintaining extremely tight trajectory control.

  • High performance stage, available with 25, 50 and 100 mm (1-4 in.) of travel
  • Integrated Linear Encoder Systems resolution as high as 12.5 nm/count
  • Quad-Vee lock needle guide system with constant support geometry
  • Precision ground ball screw drive, pre-loaded for very low hysteresis
  • Sub-micron repeatability, excellent for Z-axis, vertical application
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Q-Max Features & Benefits

The Q-Max™ Precision Positioning Stage high stiffness positioning stage offers reliable linear positioning for trajectory and position critical applications. Guided by oversized needle bearing guides, featuring a constant bearing support geometry. The Q-MAX is driven to position via 1mm lead precision ground ballscrew. The drive system comes highly preloaded and offers low hysteresis without backdriving in vertical applications. This screw is suitable for drive by either a servo or stepper motor. The Q-Max includes digital limit/home sensors and a high-resolution linear encoder system. The Standard Q-Max is offered with an attractive gray hardcoat anodize finish or can be supplied in a clean room or vacuum preparation.


Wherever tight trajectory control is required, the Q-Max series of positioning stages meet the most demanding positioning requirements. Optical Metrology in semiconductor, flat panel and microelectronics are prime applications. Use for precision dispense and liquid extrusion dispensing in the microelectronic wafer fabrication industry. In the photonic instrument field, wherever position adjustment is critical for example the focus adjustment of fast, high numerical aperture, high magnification imaging systems, Q-Max is the right choice. Q-Max is used by many brand name automatic inspection and machine vision OEM’s, Q-Max has the precision required for a range of positioning tasks including holographic inspection and high magnification imaging inspection and testing. It can be used extremely well for vertical Z-axis applications with overhanging payloads that create an offset moment loading. It is equally well suited for horizontal applications requiring high stability, low trajectory error and high resolution for long term reliable positioning.

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Q-Max Specifications

QMX-25 QMX-50 QMX-100
Travel Length  25 mm 50 mm 100 mm
Trajectory Control
Standard SP ± 2.0 µm ± 3.0 µm ± 4.0 µm
High Precision HP ± 0.5 µm ± 1.0 µm ± 1.5 µm
Standard SP ± 1.0 µm ± 2.0 µm ± 3.0 µm
High Precision HP ±0.5µm ±0.5µm ±0.5µm
Standard SP 5 arc-sec 7.5 arc-sec 9 arc-sec
High Precision HP 4 arc-sec 5 arc-sec 6 arc-sec
Extra High Precision XHP* 3 arc-sec 4 arc-sec 5 arc-sec
Linear Encoder Standard 50nm
  Optional consult factory
Rotary Encoder @1 mm lead 100nm
  @5 mm lead 50.8nm
2 axis system
Standard SP 20 arc-sec 20 arc-sec 20 arc-sec
High Precision HP 10 arc-sec 10 arc-sec 10 arc-sec
Extra High Precision XHP 5 arc-sec 5 arc-sec 5 arc-sec
Travel Length 25, 50 and 100 mm
Drive System Ballscrew BSM 40
Ballscrew Pitch 1 mm
Maximum Acceleration Payload Dependent
Maximum Speed Unladen 30 mm/s
Recommended Payload limit Q-Max 25 15 kg
Recommended Payload limit Q-Max 50 30 kg
Recommended Payload limit Q-Max 100 35 kg
Feedback Non-Contact Linear Encoder System
Repeatability ≤ 100 nm


  • * Contact factory for high performance product
  • All trajectory data based on axis uniformly supported over full length on precision mounting surface with vibration isolation
  • Payload capacities are recommended values to achieve maximum lifetime in the worst-case scenario featuring maximum dynamic operation and off-center loading
  • Force, acceleration and speed performance are based on operations with NUTEC MICROMATIC digital servo control

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