RT-Series of precision, gear-drive rotary positioning stages are ideal for today's high performance technology environment. They are found in virtually all industries where intermittent part indexing, skew adjustment or precise angular alignment is required and are well suited to holding position.

  • Low Profile Gear-drive Rotary Stage
  • High load Capacity up to 100 kg
  • Integrated Precision Worm Drive
  • High Rotary speed to 45 RPM Resolution 3 arc-sec
  • Clean room compliant, Vacuum and Sealed Version Available
Other Rotary Stages

RT-Series Features & Benefits

NUTEC’s RT-series, rotary stages offer high resolution and repeatability. These rotary stages are suitable for a wide number of uses ranging from lightweight positioning of optics to light duty machine tool applications and available with an optional sealed configuration.

All NUTEC rotary stages are machined from aluminum alloy finished with hard coat anodize providing a light and stiff stable structure. The design optimizes stage performance by utilizing a preloading thrust bearing in combination with the main hub bearing. This design approach offers excellent stability, reduced TIR, wobble and axial stability at low cost. A gear preload system insures zero backlash in the gear train. The RT-series have an optional cross roller bearings for high moment loading. 

RT-Series Background

RT-series open frame, through bore, low profile rotary stages are available in a standard precision and high performance grade. The rotary top features a precision tolerance central aperture hub supported with two large diameter, preloaded precision bearings for increased stability.

The stage can be driven by either a servomotor or stepper motor, and the precision, pre-loaded, anti-backlash worm gear drive supports table rotation up to 45 rpm. RT series rotary tables can be mounted in any orientation, and attach readily to end-user equipment or directly to other NUTEC stages to form multi-axis positioning systems in an array of architectures.


RT-series rotary positioning stages are designed for precise motor driven rotary positioning and indexing. These tables are intended to function independently or in conjunction with other positioning components used in high precision and automation applications. The low-profile design minimizes stacking height in multi-axis configurations and enables RT-series stages to fit where other motorized devices cannot.

RT-series models are available with 67, 98 and 136 mm hub diameters with several resolution options, determined by encoder selected, to match speed and positioning requirements of your application.

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RT-Series Specifications

Capacities RT-2 RT-3 RT-5
Payload, Horizontal Mounting, Axial  (kg) 25 45 100
Payload, Horizontal Mounting, Radial (kg) 15 35 50
Payload, Cross Roller XR, Horz Mtg, Radial (kg) n/a 50 100
Motor Size BSM 40 BSM 40 or BSM 60 BSM 60
Velocity (RPM) 80:1 gear 3600 RPM drive motor 45 45 45
Max Output (N-m) 11 14 17
All RT-Series
Travel 360º Continuous
Drive Elements Heat Treated; Steel Worm; Bronze Ring Gear
Drive Type Precision Preloaded worm gear
Reduction Ratio 80:1
Accuracy ± 2 arc minutes
Repeatability ≤ 30 arc sec
Flatness of Rotation ≤ 20 microns
Concentricity ≤ 20 microns

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