Custom Engineering

Nutec engineers have years of experience designing and manufacturing custom motion control systems and solutions.  We work hand-in-hand with customers to make sure the best possible motion control solution is created for their application. We have worked with laboratories and universities to design systems that will advance their research. Industries look to us to provide the best equipment for the most return per investment.

Our engineering team is competent in all modern technologies for creating motion and precise positioning systems. Design processes refined and evolved over two decades of building precision stages incorporate late version CAD, prepared in the METRIC system. Concurrent engineering and DFM, FEA, ISO9000 compliance and ISO Tolerance System are part of our engineering vocabulary.

NUTEC fabricates all components in-house in a modern machine shop with high precision late model CNC equipment. We are capable of producing parts to exceedingly close tolerances, efficiently and to flexible schedules.

Custom Design Created in CAD

Any Custom engineering request will be designed in CAD. Our engineers work with customers to create the exact system for the application. Our dedicated engineering team will supply exact drawings to show you all dimensioning of your system. We design everything using the METRIC system with close to perfect tolerancing

AutoCAD drawings of the system can easily be sent to your engineers as STP files. Allow our teams to work together to add any additional tooling plates, mounting holes, or cable management. Our standard is making sure you get the best service and product for your application.


We develop your idea.  We first draw it, share models, then manufacture your end product.

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When contacting us for a quote feel free to call us or email us for any additional information or questions you may have. We have engineers who are willing to discuss performance, specifications or go over any definitions that you may have questions about. Our engineers look over your application parameters and decide the best motion control solution.


About Us

NUTEC Mechatronic Systems' positioning is based on perfection. Engineering and design are focused on details and balanced design, flawless fabrication and precision machining to exacting standards and consistent quality.

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