Laserlathe is a completely integrated motion platform system for automated production in cylindrical laser cutting operation.

  • High Precision Performance
  • High Productivity-Fast Changeover
  • Automated Reload Cycle
  • Exceptional Concentrically and Coaxiality
  • Protective Sealed Motion Components
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Laserlathe Features & Benefits

The LaserLathe advanced  technology design creates a linear-rotary motion sub-system which expands the performance envelope for speed, precision and user friendliness. Typically, these attributes are highly desirable on laser machining systems for tube cutting operations, micro-drilling, helix/spiral cutting, surgical instrument production, implant machining, micro-welding and similar operations requiring highly precise and coordinated multi-axis linear-rotary motion.

Specific characteristics are these capabilities:

  • Minimized moving mass achieves higher acceleration and therefore higher vector velocities.
  • Increased speed and acceleration achieves higher precision in shorter cycle times and higher productivity.
  • Low center-axis elevation produces synergistic effects including reduced Abbé error at the point of interest, most compact machine design and reduced moving mass with smooth accel ramping and no decel overshoot.

Simple design with minimal number of parts:  easy end-user operation and lower cost of ownership. The end user benefits from expanded reliability and less down-time.

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Designed for tube cutting and implant manufacturing, the LaserLathe can also be applied to wide ranging production system applications where small diameter components require precision machined features such as spiral/helix cutting, micro hole drilling, scribing, cutting and micro-welding. Applications would include components for microwave and antennae systems, medical syringes, surgical wires, fuel injectors, ink jet nozzles and other small diameter, tubular manipulation applications requiring a combination of high volume, precision and meticulous quality.

LaserLathe is an advanced technology tool, built to satisfy demanding requirements in high precision laser material processing applications. LaserLathe is ideally matched to the medical stent production process and adaptable to other laser manufacturing processes involving linear and simultaneous rotary motions. Addressing sequential points of interest on the circumference of round work pieces, tubing or bar stock similar to a CNC Lathe. Conceptualized and designed for this purpose, it offers high productivity, ease of operation and superb precision operation in a versatile and ready to integrate package.

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Laserlathe Specifications

Specifications Linear Axis Rotary Axis
Travel 250 mm - 625 mm  ± 360º continuous
Accuracy 3 µm ± 2.5 µm/125 mm
LIBEC*: ≤ 1 µm
≤ 25 arc second
Repeatability ± 1 µm ± 4 arc second
Straightness ± 1 µm / 100 mm N/A
Flatness ± 1.5 µm / 100 mm N/A
Yaw ≤ 15 arc second N/A
Pitch ≤ 15 arc second N/A
Maximum Speed Max: 1000 mm/sec
Cutting Speed: 40 mm/sec
Max: 100 rad/sec
Cutting Speed: 15 rad/sec
Maximum Force (Continuous) 150 N N/A
Maximum Torque (Continuous) N/A 4.9 Nm
Resolution 50 nm 1.095 arc second
TIR Inside Collet Adapter N/A ≤ 2 µm
Rotational Inertia N/A 0.001 kg·m²


  • *LIBEC option is an additional fee

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