NUTEC offers OEM solutions for industries in semiconductor applications. From wafer inspection and processing, to vacuum applications NUTEC has provided companies with quality products for the highest return in investment. With nanometer resolution stages and systems, and  high accuracies obtained by our servo motor controller, our engineers can ceate the perfect system for your semiconductor needs.

Wafer inspection:

Wafer inspection uses modern technology to detect defected wafers, metrology, defect review and critical dimensioning. A highly advanced field which requires precision motion, incremental movements with tight accuracies. NUTEC delivers with standard products, custom products and high precision products all ready to perform.  Products that excel here are our current X/Y tables, and custom vacuum designs.

Semiconductor Lithography:

Our engineers will analyze the given parameters  to provide the correct solution for the end user. Our stages are also capable of assisting fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices.

Vacuum Systems:

Inside NUTEC’s state of the art clean room, we can manufacture vacuum applicable products.

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NUTEC Mechatronic Systems' positioning is based on perfection. Engineering and design are focused on details and balanced design, flawless fabrication and precision machining to exacting standards and consistent quality.

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