Product Summary

Next Gen LaserLathe by NUTEC advances our already successful LaserLathe with a low profile rotary minimizing mass yielding even higher axes acceleration for the highest possible throughput precision positioning and indexing of small diameter tubular and cylindrical components.

Next Gen LaserLathe

LaserLathe Description

  • High productivity-Fast Changeover
  • CNC controls digital servo technology
  • Ultra precision clamping collets
  • Automated reload cycle
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Protective sealed motion components
  • Tooling Options

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NuFace CMSNEXT GEN Laserlathe

Features & Benefits

The LaserLathe advanced  technology design creates a linear-rotary motion sub-system which expands the performance envelope for speed, precision and user friendliness. Typically, these attributes are highly desirable on laser machining systems for tube cutting operations, micro-drilling, helix/spiral cutting, surgical instrument production, implant machining, micro-welding and similar operations requiring highly precise and coordinated multi-axis linear-rotary motion.

Specific characteristics are these capabilities:

  • Minimized moving mass achieves higher acceleration and therefore higher vector velocities.
  • Increased speed and acceleration achieves higher precision in shorter cycle times and higher productivity.
  • Low center-axis elevation produces synergistic effects including reduced Abbé error at the point of interest, most compact machine design and reduced moving mass with smooth accel ramping and no decel overshoot.
  • Simple design with minimal number of parts:  easy end-user operation and lower cost of ownership. The end user benefits from expanded reliability and less down-time.


All in all, this new LaserLathe™ in conjunction with the optional Transverse and Vertical 3rd and 4th Axis Translators and the PCNC G-Code enabled GUI NuFace offers a motion sub-system of unparalleled performance, expanded flexibility  and outstanding  value.

Available in standard travel length of 250-625mm [10-25inches] and unlimited ± 360º rotation, exceptionally high precision is offered in the spindle runout with TIR ≤ 2micron [micrometer /μm ] achieving high accuracy at the laser beam cutting point.

This new Generation LaserLathe™ is a significant  machine subsystem in  the global market place. With this Motion Sub-System, the system integrator and OEM have a sub-system at their disposal which will be modern technology for years to come and enables them to gain an edge over current technology equipment.


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