Product Summary

Flexdrive-8 Positioning Tables, using a high-performance ball screw drive for positioning applications where high accuracy, longer travels, and high-load carrying capacities are required.



  • Environmentally hardened.
  • Long travel 250 to 750 mm.
  • Heavy-duty design with multi-track precision guide system for load capacity up to 75 kg.
  • High stiffness, constant support geometry saddle accepts loading from multiple directions.
  • High speeds to 900 mm/sec.

Flexdrive-8 Positioning Tables Features & Benefits

Flexdrive series stages are rugged mechanical motion platforms for continuous duty operation where long life and high reliability are essential prerequisites. The flexdrive-8 series modular design with the constant support geometry, are space efficient, precise and reliable building blocks for integration into single and multi-axis positioning machines. flexdrive-8 achieves outstanding performance in both static precision positioning and narrow bandwidth dynamic positioning as found in laser machining and welding, semiconductor fabrication, PC board manufacturing, robotics and automation tasks, high-speed precision fabricating processes for metals, ceramics and exotic materials, metrology and inspection work


The Flexdrive-8  Positioning Tables are designed as a fine precision machine with selected high-performance components to achieve outstanding positioning performance with extended life expectancy. The stage base is fabricated from a specially selected hardened high-strength aluminum alloy slab, precision machined to extremely close tolerances. In addition, the saddle is equipped with a wear resistant hard-coat anodized protective finish.

The guide system features advanced technology multi-track linear bearings. The four integrally preloaded bearing carriages establish the proper stiffness and achieve constant support geometry for the saddle. This precise and rigid motion platform produces exceptional results in terms of accuracy and motion trajectory, even with high payload.

Sensor Options

For limit of travel and home position there are 3 LED sensors available, mounted internal to the stage.  The electrical connection is at the motor end bulkhead with a DB connector.

Flexdrive-8 Specifications







Travel Length (mm)






Trajectory Control




Rotary Encoder

± 15 μm

± 20 μm

± 30 μm

± 40 μm

± 50 μm

Linear Encoder

± 10 µm

± 15 µm

± 20 µm

± 20 µm

±  30 µm


2.5 µm

3.0 µm

 3.5 µm

3.5 µm

4.0 µm


15 arc-sec

15 arc-sec

20 arc-sec

30 arc-sec

40 arc-sec

2 axis system




Standard Grade

10 arc-sec

10 arc-sec

15 arc-sec

20 arc-sec


High Precision

5 arc-sec

5 arc-sec

5 arc-sec

5 arc-sec

5 arc-sec



Travel 250-750mm
Drive System NEMA #23 or #17 Servomotor
Maximum Acceleration Payload Dependent
Max. Speed Unladen 1000 mm/s
Maximum Axial Load 300 N
Recommended Payload Limit 70 kg / 150 lbs
Drive Efficiency 80 – 90%
Parasitic Torque Max. .15 Nm
Drive Screw Max. 3000 RPM


  • Accuracy Described on Full System Travel
  • Straightness/Flatness Described per 100 mm travel
  • All trajectory data based on axis uniformly supported over full length on precision mounting surface with vibration isolation.
  • Payload capacities are recommended values to achieve maximum lifetime in the worst-case scenario featuring maximum dynamic operation and off-center loading.
  • Force, acceleration and speed performance are based on operations with NUTEC ELECTRONIC controls.
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