BSM-series of Brushless Servo Motors

Product Summary

BSM-series of brush-less servo motors offer powerful eight pole motors that have been custom engineered to offer higher performance in a smaller envelope and at a lower cost.


  • CE listed and UL approved
  • Higher Speeds
  • Longer Life
  • Cleaner Operation
  • Higher Duty Cycles

Servo Motors

NUTEC BSM series of brush-less servo motors have been custom engineered to offer higher performance in a smaller envelope and at a lower cost than standard off-the-shelf brushless servo motors. Powerful eight pole (40, 60 and 80mm SQ size motors) with rare earth magnets and skewed windings to reduce cogging, and class 3 ABEC bearings provide high speed, high torque, long life, and very smooth low speed operation, features required in complex servo systems.

Brushless servo motors are a class of servo motors that operate by using electronic commutation rather than electromechanical commutation as used in brush-type motors. Brushless motors have a permanent magnet rotor and the wound stator is on the outside allowing for greater heat dissipation. As electronic commutation is a function of rotor position there are no brushes to wear out, limit speed, cause electrical noise, or create contamination.

Features & Benefits

  • Rare earth Neodymiumboron – iron magnets
  • Peak torque to 850 oz-in.
  • IP65 sealing
  • High-flex cables
  • Protection from overheating
  • Optional encoder
  • Optional fail-safe brake







Motor Frame Size, SQ

40 x 40mm

60 x 60mm

60 x 60mm

80 x 80mm

Motor Power

100 Watts

100 Watts

200 Watts

600 Watts

Continuous Stall Torque

0.3 N-m
(45 oz-in)

0.3 N-m
(45 oz-in)

1.3 N-m
(180 oz-in)

2.0 N-m
(280 oz-in)

Peak Torque

1 N-m
(140 oz-in)

1 N-m
(140 oz-in)

2 N-m
(280 oz-in)

6 N-m
(850 oz-in)

Continuous Current

1.4 Amps

1.6 Amps

1.6 Amps

3.6 Amps

Peak Current

4.1 Amps

4.9 Amps

4.9 Amps

10.7 Amps

Torque Constant (Kt)

0.25 N-m/A

0.21 N-m/A

0.42 N-m/A

0.55 N-m/A

DC Resistance (Ra)

6.9 ohms

2.5 ohms

4.2 ohms

1.4 ohms


6.7 mH

7.4 mH

15.2 mH

9.2 mH

Back EMF





Maximum Speed, Rated
Motor only (See stage)


Bus Voltage


Cable Length


Motor Connector

DB 15 Male

Encoder Connector

DB 25 Male

Rotary Encoder Data BSMxx-xx-250
Encoder Lines 2500/rev
Encoder Counts 10000/rev
Home Index 1 per rev
Max. RPM 2500 RPM
Supply Voltage 1+5VDC regulated ±5%
Output 4 channel TTL Square Wave
Option BSMxx-xx-xxx-BAK
-BAK Fail-safe brake


DB25M Motor DB25M Encoder
Pin Function Pin Function
1 Motor T 1 Encoder +5VDC
2 Motor S 2 Ground
3 Motor R 3 Channel A+
4 Motor Ground 4 Channel B+
5 Channel C+
9 N/C
11 Hall V
15 Shield
16 Channel A-
17 Channel B-
18 Channel C-
19 N/C
21 N/C
23 Hall U
24 Hall W
Case Shield

Mechanical Interface

BSM40-45, 40 x 40mm SQ

servo motors

BSM60-45, 60 x 60mm SQ


BSM60-175, 60 x 60mm SQ


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