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Optical metrology equipment plays an important role in science and technology and having good quality equipment is crucial to achieve accuracy. With Nutec you get products that you can trust to achieve your goals. Contact us today for a quote or more about our products.

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With our main headquarters located in central Long Island New York, we also have offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin & Illinois, as well as the South West. Other international branches can be found in EU, North Pacific, Middle East as well as the Far East and China.

Our optical metrology equipment and all other products across our range have been designed, built and thoroughly tested to ensure that it perform at its best throughout its lifespan.

Optical metrology equipment and some of their uses

While optical metrology measures objects using light, it can also be used to measure distance properties. Due to the speed of optical metrology, it is effectively used to enhance automation.

Optical distance measurements

With the use of lasers distance can be measured based on the measurement of time-of-light of light pulses.

Optical frequency metrology

Optical frequency metrology focuses on high precision measurements of optical frequencies. These examples can be seen with techniques that can count optical frequencies of hundreds of terahertz.

Photodiodes and thermal powermetres can assist with the measurement of optical powers. Optic metrology can also assist the measurement of wavelength and line width.

Accuracy plays a vital role in optical metrology and for this reason the machinery used is crucial to the cause and must without a doubt be manufactured to the highest standards. 

Advantages include but are not limited to the following:

  • Optical metrology does not damage or mark delicate surfaces like auto body sheeting metal, surgical implants or composite parts.
  • It is used in robot movement by substantially increasing their placement or destination accuracy.

Why choose us for your optical metrology equipment?

We have a dynamic and knowledgeable team of staff operating all over the world.

When it comes to our products, we have a comprehensive supply such as these specified for optical metrology as well as other uses that include linear and rotary positioning. We provide excellent technical and application support so when in doubt feel free to give us a shout! 

With us you can also get custom design and systems suited to your requirements, and our personnel will assist you with customizable feature options. We also supply high precision positioning systems.

We are efficient, market competitive and driven to succeed and make our clients happy at all times. 

Our optical metrology equipment is manufactured and designed with the utmost care to ensure that they achieve great results and can be trusted throughout their life expectancy. For the best quality precision equipment and software that you can depend on, simply contact Nutec today, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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