Multi Axis Positioner


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In which ways is a multi axis positioner used?

Multi axis machinery is used in several industries and are comprised of several forms of machinery some working alongside each other, collaborating to achieve the job at hand.

Multi axis machinery is mainly used in a manufacturing industry especially where programmed machines work together to remove access metal by means of a laser or a water jet cutting technique.

The software often seen used with these types of machinery is usually CAD (Computer Aided manufacturing); these machines also help to alleviate human labour.

A multi axis positioner can often be seen used in the medical industry as well as scientific research laboratories. Examples of these may relate to the equipment in the examination room like the chairs for instance as well as observation tools such as a hexapod.

Types of multi axis positioner objects include:

  • Hydraulic
  • Electrical
  • Pneumatic
  • Manual
  • Electromagnetic

Their basic applications include:

  • Robotics
  • Antenna
  • Coordinated measuring machines

They can also feature a digital or analog control setup depending on the design and specifics.

With Nutec you can rest assure that you’re getting quality excellence with our range positioning systems such as the Femto laser motion system, Next Gen Laser Lathe, micromachining and granite based positioning systems.

As well as our range of modular stages such as Lineax, Flexdrive, Q-Max, Metrostage, RT – Series Rotary Stage, T-Max precision drive rotary servo and XY-tables to suit the necessary requirements.

Our controls and motors include micrometric MM9, BSM brushless series servo motors. We also have our nuFace software to accompany some of the machinery.

We never compromise on quality and this is why all our systems undergo stringent processes to comply with the METRIC system and conform to ISO, VSM DIN, ANSI and MIL specifications.

Our skilled technicians ensure that all engineering, fabrication, assembly as well as quality control processes are compliant with ISO process regulations.

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