Linear Motor Stage

Linear motor stage systems are built for acceleration and high speed. These stages lack the inertia and mechanical gearing advantage of traditional screw driven stages and are therefore more application specific. The applied payload directly affects the acceleration rate according to Newton’s familiar relationship, Force = Mass x Acceleration (F=MA). The ability of the stage to reach a specific speed, will affect the cycle time or throughput. Check out our linear motor stage systems.

linear motor driven stage


Lineax®-6 A linear motor driven stage suitable for applications where reliable 24/7 operation, precision positioning and ease of use are desirable characteristics. The versatile 150 mm x 46mm envelope is well suited for many instrument type machines and robotic devices.

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servo motor driven stage


Lineax®-8 A brush less linear servo motor driven stage that combines very high speed and precision sub-micron positioning. This is the perfect combination for high throughput and demanding linear motion applications.

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precision stage


Lineax®-10 A powerful precision stage integrating modern positioning technology with robust payload capability, expanding the high precision performance envelope to include high payload and long travel applications.

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METROSTAGE XY compound table Series are high precision stages designed as an integral X/Y compound table for precise positioning. METROSTAGE is available with either solid top or in an open frame configuration.

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