Gantry Positioner


A gantry positioner can be seen in mechanics and robotics, thus quality in the build and manufacturing of the unit is very important. At Nutec we take care to ensure that all our products and machinery complies with the highest standards. Contact us for more information.

Our gantry positioner and positioning systems

Our products at Nutec are designed to bring you the best use of our products such as our gantry positioner machine parts.

Our position systems manufactured are specifically designed for applications in medical industry, phototonics, laboratories, lasers and semi-conductors.

These include our range of granite-based positioning systems, micromachining, Next Gen Laser Lathe and the Femto laser motion system. Some of our position systems are excellent with vacuum and clean room techniques.

Due to the versatility of our components and whole products, you will find that it’s possible to achieve a tailor made motion system to suit your needs when it comes to both linear or rotary applications.

You can see the uses of a gantry positioner in many machines such as the likes of cranes, a robotic arm may be attached to the positioner and thus some may provide 180 or 360 degree movement.

Needless to say they can be used for medical imagery, remote sensing, as well as applications of automation. In welding there are various types of gantry systems such as seen in longitudinal welding with tracking designed for structural beams.  

These types of machinery are thus handy in many industries of work whether needed on construction, in the medical industry or engineering to name a few. We also specialize in the specific software to accompany it such as nuFace which features some of the following:

  • Monitor position errors by means of real-time multi-axis GUI display
  • Built-in text editor helps you cut/save/paste or download G-code text file, save or replace
  • Single-step feature to debug G-code
  • Adjust speed via the federate override
  • Verify process using intergrated USB CCD camera
  • Run or stop G-code with a single click of a mouse
  • Display position is in Metric, Imperial or User Units

These are only some of the features in nuFace and with the CMS version you’re also able to use the parts counter to form multiple parts as well as monitor water flow rate in real-time on the GUI display.

Quality you can trust!

Our engineering, assembly, fabrication and QC processes are fully compliant with ISO process requirements. Design and testing is done in the METRIC system and conforms to ISO, VSM, DIN and calibration and acceptance testing is done in accordance to ISO 230-2 standard.

We also do UL, NEC and foreign standards can be observed upon customer request. Our friendly team at Nutec is always willing to go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Even though we offer excellent market competitive prices, we never compromise on the quality of our products. At Nutec you’ll find excellent workmanship and machine operations and parts like the gantry positioner. Contact use for any queries or information about our products.

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