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CNC systems machinery is made use of in many industries as they play a vital role when it comes to the design and cutting process of materials. For quality machinery that you can trust and affordable prices, go ahead and contact Nutec.

Background to CNC systems

While the first Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines dates back to the 1940’s and 1950’s their development throughout the years with technology have given them more flexibility and better features.

During the earlier years of development these machines worked with a “punched tape” or “perforated paper tape” technology by which data were stored in long strips of perforated paper.

The advancement of technology has seen a multitude of changes to the way we program machinery. With the use of more advanced software and programming methods like CAD (Computer Aided Design) or CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to name a few. 

More insight to the uses and nature of CNC systems machinery

As a vital part of engineering related to robotics, mechanics, systems, control engineering and telecommunications, a great amount of attention to detail and accuracy is important. It is not unfamiliar to note that these systems simplify the way machinery operates.

From utilising embedded software, mechanics and pioneering design, mechatronics allows for swifter machine operations with excellent accuracy which is important when it comes to time delivery.

CNC machinery can also cut materials such as wood, titanium, copper, steel, fibreglass, plastic, polypropylene and foam to name a few.

Nutec is home to quality CNC systems that cater to various industries such as motor vehicle manufacturing for instance. These machines are versatile and can be applied to cut various types of material like metal and combined with specific programming will allow it to cut different shapes.

We supply precision, state-of-the-art tools and parts that will assist your manufacturing and engineering processes. Our machinery is quality tested to ensure that it performs superbly throughout its lifespan.

Our skilled personnel are not only able to assist you with any enquiries about the most suitable products for your industry but also technical support.

Mechatronics pros and cons

Mechatronics has proven to be very versatile and have plenty of advantages in their vast industry such as the following:

  • Fast machine setup
  • Rapid development trials
  • Simplified mechanical design
  • Ability to adapt
  • Reliable
  • Optimized performance
  • Productive

While there are great pros related to mechatronics, there are also some minor disadvantages which aren’t enough to outweigh the advantages of having this machine. These are the cons related:

  • Requires lots of power
  • Utilises mathematical modules
  • May require a specific expertise

Feel free to get in touch with our consultants and let us guide you; we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

For quality CNC systems machinery that you can rely on, whether you have a factory, or manufacturing and designing patterns to metal and other mediums, our CNC machines are built for perfection and precision. Contact us at Nutec for more about our products and services.

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