Positioning Systems

We design and manufacture linear motion systems for applications including semiconductor, medical, laboratory, photonics, fiber-optics, lasers, and many others, and are skilled in vacuum and clean room techniques. Extensive motion control and positioning system experience, in both our own components and the interaction of components found in complete systems, allows us to provide rotary and linear motion systems tailor-made for your operation.

  • NEXT GEN LaserLatheTM

    Next Gen LaserLathe by NUTEC advances our already successful LaserLathe with a low profile rotary minimizing mass yielding even higher axes acceleration for the highest possible throughput precision positioning and indexing of small diameter tubular and cylindrical components.

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  • Femto Laser Motion System

    This 4-Axis motion Sub-System features a unique

    architecture to permit cross axis cutting with hard optics.

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    The term micro-machining covers a large scope of different processes and feature sizes. Common to all is the need for consistent and repeatable process performance to replicate parts, patterns or placements. Whether the application requires movement of the workpiece or locating a tool precisely, there is a motion system involved to accomplish this. NUTEC specializes in configuring motion systems for various micromachining applications to suit the needs of the equipment builder or end user.

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  • Granite Based Positioning Systems

    NUTEC specializes for many years in custom designs of Granite Based Positioning Systems.

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