Ballscrews Stage Engineered to Perfection


Ballscrews are used in various applications involving some of the most intricate mechanics. Our ballscrews stage products are manufactured with high grade quality material. Get in touch with us at Nutec for more about our product range and services.

Nutec has been one of the leading suppliers of precision linear motion systems for applications that are used in fibre-optics, laboratories, medical and photonics to name a few.

With us you can rest your mind at ease knowing that we have thoroughly tested our products and their design for the span of its life expectancy.

We design METRIC from ground up in the United States and utilize ISO tolerancing to assure interchangeability and international supportability for the future.

Facts about our micromatic (MM9) ballscrew stage

It is compact and can be programmed for various motioned control application and is available in a multi-axis motion control systems.

When it comes to software support, you’ll be pleased to know that the ballscrew stage is versatile able to handle the following:

  • G-Code – frequently used in CNC and NC machine tools and is also able to be adapted to other machinery codes.
  • nuFace – specifically used for PC based CNC control
    Communications Library – Software Support COM Library is optional and can be used with C++, C# as well as VB development situations.
  • LabVIEW Panel – we offer this optional interface that includes more than 250 Vis (Virtual Instruments) as well as other features such as data responsiveness utilising SCXI, VXI and Field Bus and DeviceNet.
  • GUI Development for non-programmers – Our HMI Pro will allow for non-experienced programmers to quickly build and customize front-end.

Our Micromatic 9 ballscrew stage is a fully integrated control system and features Ethernet and USB interfaces which make it possible to use alongside a host PC or other system controller.

It is comprised of its own motion control compressor and flash storage which allows it to operate independently from a host computer.
The Micromatic 9 may also showcase the following features:

Position synchronized I/O

  • Ability to tackle Position Synchronized I/O needed for Precision Laser Shuttering plus various other applications
  •  Circuit fire within 100 nsec of reaching desired position
  •  GUI programmers can use shared RAM to read/write for path change and control requirements
  •  No additional hardware is required
  • Fast CMOS drive technology

Analogue input and programmable PWM output

  • Offers an optional analogue I/O which can be used in conjunction with specific A/D converters (16-bit ±10V) and (12-bit filtered PWM) analogue (±10V) output.
  • Versatile to use with data sampling and data logging
  • A/D can be used with joystick interfaces

Our skilled personnel are more than happy to assist you with your enquiries and to assist you with any information related to our excellent products.
Trust us at Nutec to bring you only the best quality ballscrew stage that you can rely on. Our products are designed with accuracy and extreme attention to detail. Contact us today for a free quote and for more about our services.

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