3D Printing Systems a Step Further in Design


3D printing system works wonders to create 3D objects by using innovative software and machinery to create imagery and objects. At Nutec we have a great range of products including 3D systems so feel free to get in touch with us for more of our product range and services.

What makes 3D systems so innovative?

3D systems are used in several industries such as aerospace, dental, architecture, automotive, consumer electronics, medical, defence and commercial to name a few. They provide many benefits such as the following:

  • Cost effective – using 3D printing saves money by creating the tools you need instead of using prototype injection mold tools.
  • Tangibility – 3D allows you to get the feel of the item once it has been produced, which a computer screen cannot afford.
  • Customization – you can change the way a product looks or feels with 3D machines as opposed to custom molds and parts off the production line.
  • Go beyond regular design – due to the advanced technology used, 3D machines can let you create virtually anything after the CAD or 3D modeling software and it will print a 3D copy of that.

How does it work?

These machines create an object by layering it with several layers of material through an additive process. Before the additive step, the 3D machine will have to receive a command via computer software such as Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Thus the machine will work in conjunction with a computer and a special scanner for the scanning process part. After the design is created in CAD, the 3D scanner will then make the model copy of this object. 

The scanner will be able to create the object that was virtually drawn via the software program. Simply put the scanner is designed to analyze the object based on the real world with regards to colour and build and then produce the same item.  

Our 3D machines and components are manufactured with the finest attention to detail to ensure that they perform at their best and are able to deliver excellent results each time.

Why use us and our printing systems?

Our products are tested and scrutinized to guarantee flawless fabrication, design specifics, and most importantly accuracy. Our technicians here at Nutec are highly skilled and certify that the assembly process follows the same high set standards as the quality that goes into the manufacturing.

Our products are produced to assure interchangeability and international support making them even more versatile. All our programming, testing and designs are in METRIC system and conforms to ISO, DIN, VSM as well as MIL specification standards.

Our team of personnel are trained, experienced and able to provide you with quality technical support regarding all our products. We value all our clients and take the utmost care to ensure that we can ensure customer satisfaction.

Our 3D systems will assist you in your industry to achieve various tasks and with our machinery you can enjoy quality excellence and peace of mind knowing that they’ve been thoroughly tested. Contact us for more information about our comprehensive product range.

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